• The Impregnable
    Stone Walls
    The Oka Castle was built on the stone mountain an altitude of 325m. It stands not only on a sheer cliff but also the structure of the stone walls. So it is called "Impregnable". Let us introduce the attraction of stone walls of Oka Castle.
  • The History of 800 Years The Oka Castle is said to be built to press Yoshitsune Minamoto in 1185. It was under the control by the Shiga clan from the period of Northern and Southern Dynasties, and carried the important role as a castle of the Nakagawa clan. Let us inquire into the history of Oka Castle of 800 years from building a castle to the end of it.
  • Walking in
    the Oka Castle Ruins
    Becoming the place of the war between Bungo and Satsuma clans, where Rentaro Taki spent his boyhood. We can see a number of remains telling us the days of the past. Also from the Oka Castle remains, we can see Mt. Aso and Kuju mountain range, the high stone wall shows us various looks under the burning sunset and shows us different looks under the blue sky with no clouds. Why don’t we walk inside of the castle seeing the beautiful stone walls and wonderful views?


  • spring
    In spring it is the time for the cherry blossom viewing. In April every year, the event called “Oka Castle Cherry Blossom Festival” is held、and the parade of Daimyo and samurai clad in armor is held.
  • summer
    In summer, we can enjoy the view of the beautiful mountains with the abundant green and the stone walls shining in the blue sky. The fresh green scent carried by the breeze of the early summer gives visitors energy.
  • autumn
    In autumn, the bright red leaves color the inside of the castle. The section where with the spread of the fallen leaves looks like a crimson carpet.
  • winter
    Winter, when we can see the most beautiful stone walls in a year. Possibly the white snow fall down on the stone walls can be seen by us.


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Time of the reception for the entry of castle


(from December 31 to January 3 are closed)

Entry fee

high school students
or older 300yen

(Group: 20 or more) 200yen

Elementary and
junior high school students 150yen

(Group: 20 or more) 100yen

(For the entry to Oka Castle, we are asking for the entry fee to maintain the historic sites. We are asking for your understanding and cooperation.)

2889 Taketa, Taketa City, Oita Prefecture, 878-0013
JR Hohi Main Line "Bungo Taketa Station" → Ogata / Mie bound bus 5 minutes " Okajou entrance "