The Hall of Taketa City Historical Culture

The Hall of Taketa City Historical Culture Taketa History and Culture Museum

If you go to this place, you can enjoy more about the history of Oka Castle.

Taketa city municipal reference library will be born again as “Taketa City History and Culture Hall, as Yugakkan”. A multicultural exchange facility consisting of a new facility center, a citizen gallery, and a history museum. These will introduce how to enjoy the history of the ruins of Oka Castle, and also we will be sending out the attractions of Taketa history, culture, and art from the castle town as a specialty museum for the Oka domain and Tanomurachikuden(a painter of the literary school).

  • The Oka Castle Ruins Guidance Center
    We can learn cheerfully about “The Ruins of Oka Castle” and its town as designated by the country.
    It is recommended way to climb up to the Oka Castle Ruins after studying at the Guidance Center.
  • Special exhibition room
    We are holding the special exhibition on the theme of Tanomura Chikuden(a painter of the literary school) and the history of Oka domain and so on.
The Hall of Taketa City Historical Culture 2083 Taketa, Taketa City, Oita Prefecture, 878-0013
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entry fee
Adults 500 yen, junior high school students and under 300 yen